How Your Roof Impacts the Value Of Your Home

How Your Roof Impacts the Value Of Your Home

Potential homebuyers consider various aspects when assessing a property purchase. One of the most important factors they take into consideration is the roof structure, how well it’s been maintained and what its current condition is. A new roof can considerably up the value of a house because it is solid, with no problems and leaks that can cause damage to the property.

When you are selling your home, you need to check the roof structure to determine whether it is in a good condition. Minor problems like missing or damaged shingles and tiles would only need repairs; however, if there is extensive deterioration or damage to the structure, a full replacement becomes the only option.

Professional roof inspection

Since roof repair and replacement represent a significant investment, it’s important that you hire a professional to inspect the structure and assess its condition. They will check the entire feature for signs of wear and deterioration or damage. In addition to the actual roofing, they will also inspect the guttering and downspouts.

The roofing inspector will then give you a report outlining the current condition of your roof, and steps needed to fix problems if any. This helps you make a better-informed decision about repairing/replacing the roof. Keep in view that some buyers may prefer replacing the roof themselves based on their preferences and requirements. With this in view, it may sometimes better to reduce your selling price and sell the property as is.

The advantage of a professional roof inspection

There are a number of advantages to getting your roof inspected by a professional such as:

  • You have all the details and numbers to provide potential buyers, giving them the chance to make a better decision.
  • If you have decided to replace the feature yourself, these costs can be added to the asking price of your property. This is a very high value upgrade and can add a sizeable amount to the overall price of the house.
  • If you decide against upgrading the roofing structure yourself, you will still be in a solid position to satisfactorily answer all the questions a potential buyer may have. If they express any concerns about the condition of the roof, you can show them the inspection report, assuring them that there aren’t any imminent problems that will surface in the near future and shock them.

Roof replacement prior to selling your home

Some aspects to keep in view if you are considering upgrading the roof before selling your home include:

  1. Do you have owe a large amount on mortgage?

If you own the property outright, you may not really need a larger return from the sale in order to make a good profit. On the other hand, if you still owe a large amount on mortgage, investing some more money may not be a feasible option for you, as that will only mean you break even.

  1. Would you be able to pay for the replacement without taking a loan?

Regardless of what your situation is, the value of your property will rise when you replace the roof and you can pay off the loan if you have taken one. The loan will attract interest charges of course, if the property doesn’t get sold quickly and this is something you need to keep in view.

  1. Check how competitive the sales market is in your locality

If there aren’t too many houses up for sale in your neighborhood, a new roof structure can easily become an added advantage for you, and it can help start a bidding war by potential buyers.

  1. Will leaving the roof in the condition it is in, negatively impact the sale of your property?

A new roof is needed to ensure that the other areas of your home don’t become damaged. If you have a leaky roof, it may become more difficult for a potential home buyer to acquire a mortgage and that can affect the sale-ability of your property.

  1. Does your home insurance plan cover a portion of the roof replacement costs?

If your roof has become damaged by a storm or other factors covered by insurance, you might be entitled to recover some portion of these costs from your insurance provider.  Call the Glen Ellyn Roofing Contractor that is preferred, call Midwest Premier Construction.

It’s a good idea to engage the services of a professional roofing inspector to get some more guidance on the matter. For information on our services, contact Midwest Premier Construction. You can call (630) 808-6493 or fill in this  web form for a free quote.