Roofing Company in Wheaton IL

Roof-Repair-Wheaton-ilMidwest Premier Construction is the preferred Roofing Company in Wheaton IL.  We have been serving the greater Wheaton IL area for over 10 years, providing superior Roofing Services.  Check out the Roofing Company in Wheaton IL Photo Gallery below to see some of our work.  If you are in the market for a new roof or roof repair then give us a call and our roofing experts will come out and give you a no hassle, free consultation .

What to Consider for an Asphalt Roof in Wheaton

It appears oxymoron to urge protection of asphalt shingles from rain, doesn’t it? Interestingly enough asphalt shingle installation depends on the roof slope to carry out a proper installation! If asphalt shingles lay flat, the water may penetrate the asphalt surface and cause issues just as with every porous material. Exposure of asphalt shingles to winter freezing may stimulate splitting during the long winter months. Clearly shingles will be more predisposed towards breaking if they start to bend due to winter weather.  Midwest Premier Construction will sometimes recommend double layers of asphalts like they did in this example below.

The thing is that numerous providers due to insufficient storage room, store asphalt shingles in 3, four or five pallets high shingle stacks. This is completely undesirable, particularly when they don’t use plywood panels to divide the pallets. The weight is excessive and considerable deformations\ and distortions may occur. These distortions will be remarkable if the shingles are stocked outdoors. Whenever a home owner installs shingles, it’s extremely difficult to reach a nice, flat look on your roof. Deformations will be apparent or even noticeable and the occurrence will be quite irreversible. It is also likely that some self-sealing strips will not be triggered due to deficiency of contact.

Choosing the right Asphalt Shingles

In case of high temperatures in the summer, the shingles will stick to one another, becoming very hard to work with and even to be used. As we’ve already noted asphalt shingles age while stored. Midwest Premier Construction rotates the stock plus they do not keep shingles for over a year. One year is – let us say – a safety issues when using the shingles.  We order our product from our manufacturer or distributor per job. If shingles are stocked for a longer time span their quality is compromised. This composition might be severe depending upon the storage conditions. Check the adhesive label or the imprint on the bundle wrapper and you’ll find the production date. Asphalt shingles should be ideally used within twelve months from the production date.