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Did you recently experience storm damage to your roof and think you might need roof repair or a complete roof replacement?  The roofing contracting experts at Midwest Premier Construction can help you with repair for roof storm damage in Wheaton IL and DuPage County.

If you experienced storm damage to your roof you mostly likely a combination of damage.  The most common damage to your roof most likely comes from high winds.  These high winds can tear and even remove shingles right from your roof leaving just the underlayment or roof deck.  Additionally, wind can lift and curl the shingles on your roof which can leave your roof susceptible to rain damage.  Hail is the other very common damage a roof might occur during storm damage.  Hail will leave dents in your shingles and can even dislodge the shingles from the underlayment.

Local Roofing Contractor for Storm Damaged Roofs in DuPage County

How to tell if the storm damage you experienced to your roof warrants a completely new roof or just some touch up roof repair work?   First asses your roof after damage has taken place.  Walk the perimeter of the home while photographing any damage.  Next check the gutters and windows.  While checking the perimeter also look for fallen trees or broken limbs that might have hit your roof or home.  Lastly call a contractor you can trust to give you an assessment of the roof storm damage.  The Expert Roofing Contractors at Midwest Premier Construction are here to help you asses your roof storm damage and also perform any necessary repairs

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Wheaton IL Storm Damage Roof Replacement by Midwest Premier Construction

Storm damage to your roof is no laughing matter.  In fact storm damage to your roof can leave your home open to leaks which could cause mold and other interior damage.  We highly recommend that if you experience roof storm damage to your home in Wheaton IL then call Midwest Premier Construction.  We offer certified roofing inspections for all roof damage and also certified roof repair and installation.  Call Midwest Premier Construction for your storm damage roof repair or full roof replacement.

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