Which Type of Roof is Right for You?

Which Type of Roof is Right for You?

Many residential roofs are shingle (made from asphalt) because it is generally the least expensive and a great looking choice, you can also choose slate, tile or metal, and in some places wood is still allowed.

Besides making sure you are hiring a licensed contractor, it is important to also be aware of the several roofing material options.  While it is important to choose a style that fits your home’s personality and overall look, it is also beneficial in the long run to go with a roofing material that will withstand the weather in your region as well.

The Basics Asphalt Shingles

To begin asphalt shingles are also most recommended by roofers for durability, ease of installation as well as the wide selection of styles and colors. They are very effective for many temperatures and provide excellent waterproofing. While this type of roof is usually has a 30 year warranty, you can expect them to last longer than that if you take good care of your gutters and roof and inspect them often.

Types of Roofs Asphalt Shingles

Clay and concrete tiles are quite enduring and available in an assortment of colors. They offer a contemporary yet old-school look. They are very durable, most clay and concrete tiles have a 50-year warranty. However, you will find that they are much pricier than asphalt shingles.

Types of Roofs Slate Tile

Where serious winter conditions such as sleet and snow are a factor, metal roofing can be a great solution. These are usually constructed of steel, aluminum or copper which has replaced the tin roofs of the past. Metal roofs can expect a very long life of 50+ years. They are seen are the most durable type of roof.

Natural Wood Roofing Material and Wood Shake

Wood roofing material is best known as “wood shake” or “wood shingles”. They are chosen for their natural look and aesthetic addition to a home. When not properly cared for, mold and rot can propagate. However, it should be noted that fire can be a serious threat with wood roofing materials and heat. Wood shakes and shingles are expected to last 30 to 40 years.