Ways to Protect Your Property While The Roof Installation is in Progress

Ways to Protect Your Property While The Roof Installation is in Progress

A new roof project can elicit feelings of excitement as well as stress all at once. It isn’t easy to get multiple bids, compare them properly, and check roofing contractor references. In addition, you need to choose the right shingle colors and roof styling etc. all of which involves a significant amount of time, trouble, and effort.

We at Midwest Premier Construction have noticed that while most people focus on the aspects mentioned above, they often omit to ask how their driveway and yard spaces are going to be protected from oil leaks and nails or even how their poolscape and softscaping is going to be protected from damage.

Identifying the right roofing contractor

You need to ensure that your new roof feature doesn’t bring on more hassles and expenses after the project is complete. It isn’t uncommon for roofing contractors to focus on the roof installation while ignoring all the mess and damage that is being caused to the rest of their property. The company that handles roof installation for you needs to factor in processes that will help protect the rest of your property and keep the mess to a minimum.

During the bidding process, you need to impress upon the contractors that protecting your property is high on the priority list. Credible and well-established contractors will always include this point in the discussions they have with you; some may even add it to the proposal. If there isn’t any mention of this either before they provide the quote or add it in their proposal, we recommend that you don’t consider this company as a potential candidate for your roofing project.  Consider an expert Glen Ellyn Roofer like Midwest Premier Construction.

The points to consider

The roofing contractor needs to take as much interest in your overall property as you would. Nails and other hardware lying around in the yard spaces where your kids and pets frolic around can be extremely dangerous and is entirely avoidable. We have listed some of the aspects that need to be addressed & agreed upon:

  • Use powerful magnets around the property to pick up any roofing nails that may be lying around.
  • Covering the pool areas and pool pump so that and any fiberglass granules don’t become dislodged from the shingles and settle on the pool’s surface.
  • Regular cleaning while the project is in progress- during tear-off; while going on lunch breaks and at the end of each work day etc.
  • Protective measures for downspouts, gutters and gutter screens.
  • Covering flower beds, bushes as well as other landscaping so they don’t become crushed or covered in ripped shingles and shards of any other roofing materials.
  • Protect and cover all the softscaping.
  • Cover vehicles and other features in your driveway.
  • Protect the driveway from oil leaks and tire marks
  • Protect sprinkler systems
  • Possible hand carry of various roofing materials

While this list covers all the maximum expectations, if your chosen contractor covers most of them, you know they are particular and professional in their approach. For information on our services, contact Midwest Premier Construction. You can call (630) 808-6493 or fill in this web form for a free quote.

Ways to protect your home while getting a roof installation